Alberto Biasi (1937)

Alberto Biasi was born in Padua on 2 June 1937. He studied architecture and technical drawing in Venice, where he was awarded a scholarship by Paolo Venini. These years marked the beginning of a passion for art with close study of the key 20th-century movements: Neoplasticism, Futurism and Dada.

He started teaching technical drawing and art history in 1958 and was assigned a permanent post as teacher of graphic arts applied to advertising, which he held from 1969 to 1988.

In 1959 he founded the artistic movement called Group N. The artists belonging to the group used to refer to themselves as “experimental-illustrators”, guided by the idea that rationalism and tachisme have died, that informality and expressionism are just useless subjectivities. Alberto Biasi became the guiding spirit of the group and the most influential representative of kinetic art in Italy, together with Getulio Alviani, Franco Costalonga, Toni Costa and Bruno Munari. Kinetic art aimed at extending the viewer's perspective of the artwork and incorporating multidimensional movement.  

Dinamica, 1965
Dinamica, 1965

Dinamica, 1965
Dinamica, 1965




pvc relief on painted panel

44x55x4 cm


Provenance: Galleria La Chiocciola, Padova, Italy.

          Private collection Milan, Italy.