Alighiero Boetti (1940 -1994)

Dadamaino Melzi Fine Art

Alighiero Boetti was one of the most important exponents of Arte Povera and Conceptual Art.


He was born in Turin, Italy, in 1940. Although not formally trained in art, Boetti was preoccupied with the theory of creativity from an early age.

Traveling to Afghanistan in 1970s he was introduced to the traditional craft of embroidery, which marked a turning point in his artistic career: his foundamental concern with the relationship between "order" and "disorder" is manifest in his grid structures that feature sayings and aphorisms that stem from cultural, philosophical, mathematical and linguistic contexts.


In the 1980s he had his studio in Rome where he looked after the creation of different types of works, especially on paper. He had exhibitions throughout Italy and United States and in 1990 he took part to Venice Biennale with a personal room.


He continued to show all over the world until his premature death in 1994.