Antoine Puisais (1975)



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Antoine Puisais (French, b. 1975) is a mixed media artist whose archaeological approach to art consists of looking at elements within the past to question the present.


Puisais acts within a logic of construction, destruction and restoration to reveal the symbolic representations marked by the duality between the forms, materials and tackled issues. Working largely with painted plywood panels, Puisais’ work is about the discovery of seemingly disparate links, and the assembly of diverse mediums.


In the artist’s words, “For me, creation is a binary act…I add and I remove and what interests me it is what remains, what survives this soft war between the manifest and the hidden.”

Antoine Puisais
Antoine Puisais

Antoine Puisais
Antoine Puisais


Rescued Canaletto


mixed media

180 x 120 cm


Provenance: Private collection, Milan, Italy.