Arnaldo Pomodoro (1926)

Arnaldo Pomodoro is considered one of the greatest contemporatry iItalian sculptors.


After completing his studies as surveyor, in 1954 he moved to Milan where he used to spend his time with Fontana, Baj, Dangelo, Milani, Sienese, Mulas, and many other artists and intellectuals.

In the same year, after being invited at Milan Triennale, Pomodoro exhibited his first sculptures in a solo show at the Galleria del Naviglio: his interests were already moving towards the international art scene. He estabilished working relationships in the United States, France, Denmark, Belgium and many other countries.


In 1961-1962 he was part to "Continuità" informal group by which he was able to refine the stylistic balance between external geometries and inner appearance of his creations. 

His research included the use different materials: his bronze spheres "brake down" and open up in front of the viewer, showing their internal mechanism.


His monumental works are located in the main cities around the world. He lives and works in Milan.

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Disco in forma di rosa del deserto



diameter 70 cm

edition 6 of 8 


Provenance: Private collection, Lodi, Italy.