Bernard Aubertin (1934)



Bernard Aubertin Melzi Fiine Art

Aubertin met Yves Klein in 1957 and started making his first red monochrome works during 1958-59.


In 1961 Aubertin officially joined the ZERO movement, which adopted monochrome expression as a way of breaking with tradition. The same year, Aubertin added the medium of fire to his works. Both red and fire represented his own interpretation of ZERO's 'tabula rasa', rather than an aesthetic experience. In addition, the colour red is also rich in psycho-analytical interpretations and connotations, and has peculiar optical effects on the viewer.


From 1965, Aubertin started with his performances of burning paintings, books and objects and thus became considered a conceptual artist. Today, Aubertin continues to give performances of controlled fire, in which the protagonists are books and pianos. 


Tableau Clous, 1970
Tableau Clous, 1970

Tableau Clous, 1970
Tableau Clous, 1970


Tableau Clous


nails and acrylic on board

50x50 cm


Provenance: Galleria Centro, Brescia, Italy.

                     Private collection Milan, Italy.