David Ostrowski (1981)

David Ostrowski is one of the youngest and most discussed personalities of the international contemporary art scene, as well as a revelation of the art market. In the past two years his works have captured international attention, being exposed in Berlin, Paris, Zurich, New York, Los Angeles, Turin and Copenhagen.

David Ostrowski studied painting under Albert Oehlen, one of the most influential and controversial contemporary artists, at Kunstakademie, in Düsseldorf, where he graduated in 2009. Since 2006 he has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in galleries such as Peres Project and Simon Lee Gallery. 

His research can be considered a process in which errors and coincidences become opportunities to create new things and bring to a sense of unexpected beauty and visual poetry. Ostrowski constantly experiments the effects of speed and imperfections. He uses large formats and works with the most different techniques and materials: from oil and lacquer to spray paints or anything he can find in his studio, such as paper, newspaper, dirt and dust.


F (dann lieber nein), 2013 Painting - Oil, lacquer and cotton on canvas, wood 101 x 81 cm


F (It's not easy being a super model), 2012 Painting - Oil, lacquer, dirt and adhesive foil on canvas 91 x 76 cm

F (dann lieber nein), 2013

F (dan lieber nein) 2013 olio, lacca e carta su tela 221 x 171 cm           Provenienza: Peres Project, Berlino, Germania                                 Collezione privata, Hong Kong                                                     Collezione privata, Milano, Italia                                             Esibizioni: Peres Projects, I’m OK. Moments later, he                                   was shot., 01.03.2013 – 13.04.2013