Jan Josef Horemans the Younger (1974-1790)

Jan Josef Horemans was a placid apologist for bourgeois virtues and, following his father’s (Jan Josef Horemans I) example, admirably recreated the atmosphere of his age in a multitude of small paintings that are pleasantly animated and have an old-fashioned charm. He also signed in the same way as his father, but his style was more distinguished and sensitive and his palette lighter (earning him the nickname that distinguishes him from his father). Works such as the Musical Company, the Interior with Figures (both Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum), The Minuet (Geneva, Museum of Art & History) and the Portrait of a Family (1772; Utrecht, Centraal Museum) combine traditional genre painting with the 18th-century conversation piece. Jan Josef II sometimes incorporated into his own compositions figures taken unchanged from David Teniers (ii) or Hieronymus Janssens, as in the New Neighbours. He was still exhibiting paintings in Antwerp in 1790. 

Horemans is represented in the following collections: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; Musée des Augustins, Toulouse; Tweed Museum of Art at the University of Minnesota, Duluth; Museu of Art & History, Geneva, amongst others. 

Interior of a Butcher's Home

oil on canvas

46,8 x 56,4 cm



Provenance: Private collection, Verona, Italy.

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