Hsiao Chin (1935)

Hsiao Chin Melzi Fine Art

Hsiao Chin was born in Shangai in 1935.  

After his first artistic training in Li Chun-shan’s Antung St. studio, he participates in  founding the first Chinese abstract painting movement, the Ton-Fan Art Group, which carried on working for the next fifteen years, with regular exhibitions in Taipei, as well as in Italy, Spain, Germany and the USA.


Delving into religion and Thaoist philosophy, in the sixties he came to a new concept of painting: his works consist of contrasting elements painted with water based colours, tempera and inks; transcendence, peace, clarity and light are enigmatic features  which characterized Hsiao art.

During these years he traveled to Milan where he spent time with Lucio Fontana and met Roberto Crippa, Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani.


In 1961 he founded Punto Art Movement together with the Italian artist A. Calderara and held noumerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His research combines elements of Oriental culture and spirituality with a deep knowledge of modern western art.

Many of his paintings are part of public collections.

Penetrazione, 1974
Penetrazione, 1974

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Penetrazione, 1974
Penetrazione, 1974

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oil on canvas

60 x 40 cm


Provenance: Hsiao Chin studio, New York.

                                          Private collection, Milan, Italy.