Marcello Lo Giudice (1957)
Marcello Lo Giudice Melzi Fine Art

Marcello Lo Giudice is considered one of the most innovative artists on the new frontier of European Art Informal, a European equivalent to abstract expressionism.


He was born in Taormina, Sicily. After graduating in Geology at Bologna university he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, studying under three protagonists of Italian Art of the second part of the twentieth century: Emilio Vedova, Giuseppe Santomaso and Virgilio Guidi.

His original project led him to develop a painting style "where light's energy blends with metamorphism of the material to create remote geological views," as the french art critic and co-creator of New Realism, Pierre Restany, said of him.


His painting "is structured by several intervents on the canvas in which colors, oils and pigments are spread with thick coatings, laid one upon the other, buried and then reemerging on the surface in various phases (with spatula scratchings, abrasions, removals, leveling)".

Quickly recognized as an artist with international spirit and extent, he hold exhibitions in Montreal, Muscat estabilishing a stronger and more enduring presence in France.

About his sculpture Lo Giudice says: «With Totem and Primavera's I didn't leave painting for sculpture, it's more a perpetuation of it: I just amplifyed painting experimenting new materials like ceramic». Marcello Lo Giudice lives and works between Milan, Paris and Noto.

Eden Blu
Eden Blu

2013, oil and pigment on canvas, 140x140 cm

Dalla Primavera di Botticelli
Dalla Primavera di Botticelli

2010, ceramic and mattress springs, 40x25x12 cm