Stefano Perrone

"Maschere in Villa"


a cura di Edoardo Monti.


Melzi Fine Art, Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta, Lainate, (MI)

Dal 30 Ottobre al 9 Novembre 2018

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Melzi Fine Art is proud to present 'Maschere in Villa, Stefano Perrone's solo show curated by Edoardo Monti in the historical site of Villa Visconti Borromeo Litta, in Lainate (Milan).

The exhibition will present Perrone's most recent artworks and an on site project consisting in an installation in the second room.

The masks represented in the show reveal the intention of the artist in investigating the role of human behaviours in our everyday life; set in an unspecified, monochromatic background, the faces are a constant reminder of our condition and relation with society. The colours and the 'vectors' (lines that run through the surface of the canvas), aim to identify the social complexity of the relation with the outside world.

Perrone study of the color scale is meticulous and precise. Each line and gradient is studied before the composition. The digital and graphic background of the artist is a main source of inspiration and an important guide line that reveal itself in the creation of these majestic canvases.

The second room of the exhibition will present an on-site project specifically curated by the artist that pays tribute to the historical site of Villa Litta; a contrast of new materials, shapes and texture plays with the surrounding maintaining the same, constant aim: the representation of reality.

Through still life paintings Perrone continues his research of the outer world, conceiving a new link with in his production. The vision of the common items such as bottles and plants is fragmented, shattered and saturated to achieve contrast. The shapes are redefined, stylised and modified from our traditional  knowledge in order to gain movement and elasticity. 

The evolution of Perrone's 'modus operandi' has been constant in the past years; the geometry/sinuosity of lines and the evolution in the use of color encapsulate the complexity of its creations and the value of his artistic research.

Stefano Perrone lives and works in Monza, (MI).