Matteo Negri (1982)

Matteo Negri was born in San Donato Milanese (MI) in 1982.

After graduating in sculpture at Brera Academy in Milan he worked in many art galleries in Italy and abroad (Paris, London, Berlin), creating numerous installations in public and private spaces.

His artistic research is focused on single objects, considered as contemporary idols: he works with different materials, such as stone, ceramic resin and plastic, modeling his creations in eclectic ways. This reconstructive process free the single object from his context giving it new meaning and new form.

The colored Lego brick can be considered a code in his artistic expression, both for the possibility of creating in three dimensions, by using many pieces, and for the value that arises in the transformation from module to art object.

He lives and works in Milan.

L'ego Mondrian, 2017
Did you often work in August
Flatstep out Bi
2016, varnished and chromed iron, 52,5x52,5x15 cm
L'Ego Map
"Conquista il mondo con 1 colore per continente (oppure muori)", 2014, varnished and chromed iron and resin,
120x80x5 cm
Cake Walk
2015, varnished iron and wood, 75x75x18 cm
Fior di Fragola
2015, mixture of various resins, methacrylate and pigment, d. 120 cm
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