Nunzio (1954)

Agostino Bonalumi Melzi Fine Art

Nunzio di Stefano has always explored the formal and expressive possibilities of materials and their relation with space and light through works carachterized by a metaphorical meaning, gaining several awards at Venice Biennale in 1987 and an honorable mention in 1995.

After studying at Rome Academy of Arts with Toti Scialoja, in 1980 he worked on a series of undulating and irregular surfaces of two or three elements made of painted plaster; from the second half of the Eighties he began using new materials such as iron and foil, burning wood and lead, creating structured shapes . In the Nineties he applied himself to drawing creating evocative abstract shapes which often preceded sculptural activity, where he experimented the use of bronze.


Nunzio hold important exhibitions both in Italy (Perugia, Rocca Paolina, 1992; Spoleto, Festival dei due mondi, 1993; Bologna, Galleria d'arte moderna, Villa delle Rose, 1995; Bergamo, Galleria Fumagalli, 2000) and abroad (New York, Annina Nosei Gallery, 1985; Darmstadt, Mathildenhöhe, 1990-91;  Osaka, Kodama Gallery, 1994).

Trapasso, 1988
Trapasso, 1988

Trapasso, 1988
Trapasso, 1988




wood and lead

h. 37 cm

Provenance: Private collection, Italy.