Sylvain Vigny (1903 - 1971)

This Collection of paintings by Sylvain Vigny comes for the first time in commerce. Vigny was an expressionist painter born in Austria and raised up in France.

In his works, the uncertainty and turbolence of excistance is shown in all its substance. His portraits, charged with melancholy and stillness, are interesting witnesses of an artist, which artistic essence is a statement of quality.

Melzi fine art is proud to be presenting for the first time in Italy the works of Vigny.

Portrait of a man
mixed media on cardboard, 48 x 62 cm
Knights by the beach
oil on canvas, 63x48 cm
The Holy Family
mixed media on cardboard, 62x48 cm
Portrait of a young lady
mixed media on cardboard, 48x62 cm
By the beach
mixed media on cardboard, 62x48 cm
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