Tano Festa (1938 - 1988)

Born in 1938, Tano Festa was an Italian painter influenced by Cy Twombly and by gestural and informal painting. After exhibiting with Franco De Angeli at La Salita gallery in Rome, he hold his first personal exhibition in 1961.


Festa was a protagonist of Italian pop art: his work involve the transformation of Italian Renaissance great masters, such as Michelangelo, in advertising images. It also involve new dada solutio ns with the presentation of monochromatic ordinary objects: his most famous works includes shutters, windows and mirrors.

He joined in Roma Quadriennale in 1965 and Venice Biennale in 1980.


His later works are composed by approximate figures: during his last years he created geometric and conceptual works.

Senza Titolo (da Michelangelo)


Acrylic on canvas