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Aboudia, whose real name Aboudia Abdoulaye Diarrassouba, is an Ivorian painter born in 1983.

After been graduated from the Technical Center of Applied Arts in Abidjan in 2005, Aboudia witnessed the armed conflict in 2011 and in particular the battle of Abidjan.

During several months of war, Aboudia represented in his paintings hostile crowd, terrified civilians, dead people, weapons ...

The paintings of Aboudia impress by their colourful, wild, childlike style and a very large size, up to four meters long.

His works are inspired by graffiti on walls and kid's drawings that express their anger or their dreams.

Like a street painter, Aboudia captures the energy of the streets in Abidjan and often works on series of paintings.

He will become a big name in African art in the coming years.

Aboudia lives and works in Abidjan.

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