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Melzi Fine Art specialises in Modern and Contemporary art, striving to be a leading dealership for the Post-War period, with a particular focus on Italian Art.

With a deep understanding of the art market, the gallery provides a knowledgeable, efficient and accessible service to all clients who wish to extend, or start, their art collection. 

Founded in 2013, Melzi Fine Art has now organised and curated both private and institutional exhibitions in Italy and Uk, aiming to expand their presence in the European market by collaborating with art archives and Museums.


Mattia Melzi was born in Milan from a family of antique dealers.

After completing his studies at Kings College London he gained experience at Sotheby's and worked in a prestigious Mayfair gallery.

He launched Melzi Fine Art in 2013; as a director he handles important artworks of modern and contemporary art from private collections and deals with the acquisitions of the gallery. 

He is an expert in Post War Italian art with a focus on the decades going from 1940 to 1980.

As a dealer he holds relations with Auction houses, private and public museums and art institutions such as art archives and charity organisations.




Maschere in Villa, Stefano Perrone solo show, Lainate


Dinamica, Italian and Japanese Post-War, London


Vertigo, Stefano Perrone, Milan


Italian Post War, Verona


Stop at Nothing, Italian art from the 1960s to today, London


Dis-moi une chose, Matteo Negri, Milan


Vernissage, Stefano Perrone, Milan

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