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Giorgio Griffa

Giorgio Griffa began painting as a child, taking lessons from local painters at the Circolo degli Artisti in Turin. After completing a degree in law in 1958, he started to attend Filippo Scroppo studio, an Italian painter who was member of the MAC movement (Concrete Art) and collaborator of Felice Casorati.


From 1968 his paintings moved to abstractism, which still characterizes his work to this day.

According to his idea painting is “costant and never finished”.

In the first years his works have been associated with movements such as Arte Povera and Arte Concettuale.


Giorgio Griffa participates in important international exhibitions: recent solo presentation includes Golden Ratio and Canone Aureo, MACRO, Museo d’Arte contemporanea, Roma (2010),  Fragments 1968 – 2012, Casey Kaplan, New York (2013), Rosa e Violetto and Uno and Due, Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Turin (2001).

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