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Evolving Geometry: Post-War Abstraction

Melzi Fine Art is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition, "Evolving Geometry: Post-War Abstraction." This showcase will run from December 1, 2023, to February 20, 2024, at our gallery located at Via Bigli 11, Milan.

"Evolving Geometry: Post-War Abstraction" invites art enthusiasts and collectors to embark on a captivating journey through the world of post-war geometric art, set against the backdrop of a world emerging from the tumultuous aftermath of World War II. In this exclusive, by-appointment-only exhibition, we feature original artworks by renowned post-war artists who, together, represent a spectrum of geometric expressionism that reshaped the way we perceive and engage with abstract forms. This movement finds its roots in the early 20th century with the rise of abstract constructivism, where artists began to explore the profound interplay between geometric shapes, color, and form. The artists in our showcase have continued and evolved this rich tradition, leaving an indelible mark on the world of art.

Joseph Albers (1888-1976, German-American) challenged conventional perceptions of color and form with his iconic "Homage to the Square" series, influencing generations of artists with his exploration of the interactions between color and form. Alongside Albers, Max Bill (1908-1994, Swiss), a contemporary who responded to the post-war chaos with compositions bridging art and design, emphasizing mathematical rigor, inspiring the integration of art and science. As Europe rebuilt, Aurelie Nemour (1910-2005, French) expressed the desire for simplicity and renewal in her minimalist geometrical compositions, challenging traditional notions of art and inspiring purity of form. Amidst the upheaval of mid-20th century Italy, Antonio Calderara (1903-1978, Italian) drew from his profound connection to nature, evoking harmony and serenity in response to a world in transition. His "Spatial Paintings" blurred the boundaries between abstraction and representation. Situated in the midst of social and political change, Julije Knifer (1924-2004, Croatian) mastered rhythm and repetition in his art, mirroring the dynamic spirit of the era with her distinctive "Kinetism," challenging traditional painting boundaries. Joining this esteemed group, Victor Vasarely (1906-1997, Hungarian-French), the father of Op Art, revolutionized the world of abstraction with his mesmerizing optical illusions and geometric precision. Alongside them, Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967, American), an influential figure in abstract expressionism, explored the depths of color and form in his iconic "Black Paintings," contributing to the evolution of abstract art.

Also present in this prestigious exhibition are Lucio Fontana, Jean Gorin, Mario Nigro, Manlio Rho, Mauro Reggiani, Jo Neymeier, Vera Molnar and Tomas Rajlich.

This exclusive exhibition will be open by appointment only, providing a personalized and intimate experience for art enthusiasts and collectors. To schedule your visit, please contact us at [].

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